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Huxley’s Newborn Shoot

Huxley’s Newborn Shoot – Sneak Peak 4/10/16 Mister Huxley was such a dream. He was asleep before I wasView full post »

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Atwood Family Shoot

Getting the opportunityity to meet this entire family was great. Nothing beats finding a group of people that enjoyedView full post »

**Sneak Peak** Preston’s Newborn Shoot – Spokane Photographer

Full Blog post for Preston’s Newborn Shoot  to come! This shoot was however great, enjoyable and Mister PrestonView full post »

John Hoffman’s VLOG

Check out John Hoffman’s Blog here. Interested in investing with Shawna Craig Photography, check out ourView full post »

Ana Schofield VLOG

Like the Vlog? Check out her blog post.View full post »

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John’s Senior Shoot – Hillyard Fun Day!

John’s Senior Shoot Knowing that John and family was hoping for a fun, and urban style shoot I decided to useView full post »

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Ashley’s Maternity Shoot

Driving out to the Elk Fire station was a peaceful and serine area. Getting to the Fire Station we had an hour to doView full post »

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Payton’s Newborn Shoot – Spokane Photographer

Payton’s Newborn Shoot had been something I had been looking forward to for weeks. I was able to photograph herView full post »

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Ana’s Senior Awesome Photo Shoot in Spokane

Ana Schofeild’s senior shoot was such a fun adventure. We started out getting used to each other as you can tellView full post »

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