Experience Spokane Photographer Shawna Craig Photography

Shawna Craig Photography provides its clients with an unrivaled experience. Specializing in Newborn Photography, Maternity Photography, and Senior Photos in the Spokane and Coeur D’Alene Areas.

Within these specialty areas, Shawna Craig Photography provides all the outfits and props for an amazing and unmatched experience. Only the highest quality props are used to ensure a beautiful photo every shot. With Newborn Photography, Shawna Craig Photography has top level training on posing Newborns. Every shot is special, and every shot is taken with purpose, to provide the customer with the best artwork out there. The Newborns are placed on high quality props and wrapped in clean one of a kind outfits, all provided by Shawna Craig Photography.

If you are pregnant, Shawna Craig Photography provides high quality Maternity Photography. Providing unique dresses and gowns, along with specially picked locations catering to the clients wants and desires, Shawna Craig Photography delivers superior pictures, and a memorable experience you will remember.

If you’re in high school, or know someone who is, Shawna Craig Photography specializes in Senior Photos that meet yearbook requirements. Shawna Craig Photography will meet with the student to get to know the client. Within this meeting Shawna Craig Photography will ask questions to custom tailor their shoot. Including what type of clothes to wear, to the style of the shoot, and even the location. Every shoot is different, and every shoot is unique, and those are some of the reasons Shawna Craig Photography is above the competition.


It all starts with a consultation. Shawna Craig Photography will discuss your expectations for your experience through a personal one on one sit down, or if you’d prefer, a phone call. During the consultation a range of topics will be discussed. Including location setting, outfits, style, and any concerns you may have. A time and date will be discussed to work with the clients schedule. You can always reach Shawna Craig Photography through e-mail, call or text, for any additional questions. Shawna Craig Photography’s main goal is to provide its clients with a superior experience and the greatest service to their clients by providing availability throughout their experience.

Photo Session

Next, after the consultation, comes the photo shoot itself. You’ll meet with Shawna at the location agreed upon during the consultation. Shawna Craig will already be there set up and ready to go. During the photo shoot you’ll find that Shawna Craig is very personable, and easy to get along with. You’ll have an enjoyable, fun, laid back experience, while Shawna Craig takes amazing pictures. If the client has any questions or requests during the photo shoot, the client is encouraged to bring the ideas up. Shawna Craig Photography wants you to have the most memorable experience, and will try to incorporate any suggestions.


After the photo shoot comes the reveal. At this time you’ll schedule a time to visit Shawna Craig Photography’s studio. You’ll sit down with Shawna Craig and go through your beautiful photos that Shawna Craig personally edits. A wide range of professional options are available to purchase in a variety of sizes. Shawna Craig Photography will have samples of her artwork available to reference, to make your purchasing decision as informative as possible. Shawna Craig will answer all your questions, and recommend her favorites to help you navigate your way through this process.



At Shawna Craig Photography, all your questions, comments and concerns are a top priority. They are welcomed at any stage in this process to insure your experience is the best it can be.

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