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Having attended the first/second rounds for 10 straight years

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It made me crazy that no one else was taking him seriously and

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To this day, I look at spiders in a whole new light

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My friend’s idea of dressing to impress was a “little black

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I would take care of those items

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So in most cases, a spouse would still be responsible for

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With respect to those who seek self preservation

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Wake up 5:15 am, leave 5:45 am, drive then park at work 6:40

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I stood at the base during my last trip and it was terrifying

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All such posts are removed, and can result in temporary or

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A great number of nice guys are to use the polite term

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Basically, to see what is being said without actually being

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Have lawyer on retainer, document each time someone even

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Hire a carpenter for the bedding job

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