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But it a word with which I have a bit of a love/hate

Like I said, the media likes juicy stories. And since our team has struggled, the negative things are what the hatersView full post »

side note, how do I manage to get downvoted so quickly? I didn

So I was not specifically saying that healthcare = abortion. And I don’t think anyone is saying that or evenView full post »

He also played friendly matches for Catalonia

They’re black holes. 4 points submitted 9 months agoMy NMom does this my NFIL does this. It’s just a gameView full post »

Once the students guess (individually)

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The pre 1790 world that Elizabeth Wilson, posits in her book Adorned in Dreams, by extension is a much more egalitarianView full post »

Hvis du kan jobbe og studere samtidig s vil det sikre deg mye

Man m kjenne litt p dette selv, det sosiale tas i betraktning, og man er veldig mye mer sikker sosialt sett om manView full post »

In a comment are good ways to add to a discussion

I don understand some of their decisions at all. The comics were fine, sure, some of it definitely needed someView full post »

Waiter had to get management

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Rome brought civilization by the sword to much of the world

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There is no specific test at this time to detect rheumatoid

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This is an even more faithful rendition

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20 Best Paying College Degrees by Salary in 2011 nCollege

The fees (2 4 rubles per month) were used as gratification for the teachers, and to create a secret library. KingView full post »

So you drop a Lord Commissar in the middle of your gunline

Newly appointed United Nations Ambassador George H. Bush smiles at his desk, Dec. Hillenburg conceived, wrote, producedView full post »

If it is sent off to a lab, commonly used by

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She was in great health and nothing seemed wrong

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