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I was standing in the Fake Designer Bags lobby waiting our

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Because it not, it shows suicide is a result of a multitude of

YTA, big time. There a difference between helping someone, and pressuring them to do things your way. It doesn matterView full post »

You will probably have conference each week and you may have

Learn to put yourself in the others shoes before you judge. By your hateful thoughtView full post »

Take baths to clean yourself; those aren recorded

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Indeed, the emirate’s old fashioned “kafala” labor system

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The rumor mill is a powerful thing

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The tradition of the track makes this race one of the most

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Misadventure in the region,” Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad

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If shit really hits the fan, then at worst I have no job, no

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The third call, my 13 year old sister, tired of being awoken by

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Anything harder would be much more difficult to manufacture

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We have to learn to live with that. We have to condemn this outright, he said. There are no ifs or buts. However thingsView full post »

Basically what I saying is that it took perspective for me to

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Not forgetting the ornate brooches and jangling fingerloads of

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