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My opponent cast animate dead targeting Worldgorger dragon

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It was probably my most difficult moment ever emotionally

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Because that means you are dependent and you shouldn be

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I feel like a moron and probably don deserve to work in

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A landlord who seriously neglected needed repairs in the place

I know from their choice of insults that it was one person in particular in that topic who was especially hate fueledView full post »

It is designed to stay in orbit for months on end and can

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I have to try it out to see how it looks on my skin though

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Though their association made it less militant

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Then we wound up taking 9 months to renovate

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We started by approaching artists who would have an affinity

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She then got back with him and now she’s pregnant with his

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I did some intense treadmill incline stuff

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My mother had never shown me how to use hygiene products since

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In 2014, we became the first state to impose its own

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